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Techni-Corr is proud to provide you with handy dandy free troubleshooting guides that you will find to be very useful, and are designed to save you much time & headaches.

Our technical staff has written these guides to make your journey with testing easier. Guides that may be available are troubleshooting, FAQs, and Process Flowcharts.

More guides are on the way soon, so please check back often to look for new & free information. Your selection of guides is located below.

Finally, we would love to hear what you think of the guides, what other information snippets you would like to see for download, and some stories as to how the guide saved you from freaking out!

hamzat_testing_file Please click below to download.
UN/HAZMAT Actual Certification Procedure.pdf (1 Page)
.PDFs coming soon
Test Applicant's Packaging Data Form (easy fill online form)
.PDFs coming soon
Will I be Air Eligible 2004? (nth pages)
.PDFs coming soon

4 important reasons to use Technicorr for your packaging testing needs.pdf (1 page)

.PDFs coming soon
Testing FAQs
.PDFs coming soon


US Department of Transportation
The HAZMAT 101 Website